Finalists listed alphabetically by entry title


DIGITAL MEDIA – Commentary/Weblog

*Lee Hawkins Commentary/Analysis

Lee Hawkins @Leehawkins

Wall Street Journal @WSJ

DIGITAL MEDIA – Interactive: Feature

*Historically Black

The Washington Post @washingtonpost

DIGITAL MEDIA – Interactive: News

*Looking for Lead (in all the wrong places)

Dan Telvock  – @dantelvock
Investigative Post – @ipostnews

DIGITAL MEDIA > Online Project: Feature

*Under Our Skin

Staff of The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times – @seattletimes

DIGITAL MEDIA > Online Project: News

*Chicago’s disappearing front porch

Rosa Flores, Mallory Simon, Madeleine Stix – @RosaFlores   @MallorySimonCNN @madeleinestix

CNN – @cnn

DIGITAL MEDIA > Single Story: Feature

*The Waco Horror

Jesse Washington @jessewashington
The Undefeated @TheUndefeated

DIGITAL MEDIA > Single Story: News

*How racial amnesia helped Trump win

John Blake, Tawanda Scott @RangerBlake  @tscottsambou


*A refuge in the right field

Aaron Dodson – @aardodson

The Undefeated – @theundefeated



MAGAZINES > Art & Design: Page Design > Over 1 Million

*The Meaning of Muhammad Ali

William Nack, Derrick Z. Jackson & Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib


MAGAZINES > Art & Design: Page Design > Under 1 Million

*The National Museum of African American History and Culture

The Washington Post Staff

The Washington Post @washingtonpost

MAGAZINES > Business > Over 1 Million

* “The Art of the Crossover”

Mina Kimes – @minakimes

ESPN @espn

MAGAZINES > Business > Under 1 Million

*Leading While Black

Ellen McGirt  @ellmcgirt

Fortune @fortunemagazine

MAGAZINES > Commentary/Essay > Over 1 Million

* “His Gentle Soul”

Hana Ali @Hanayali


MAGAZINES > Commentary/Essay > Under 1 Million

*Zenobia Jeffries columns on racial justice

Zenobia Jeffries – @ZenobiaJeffries

YES! Magazine @yesmagazine

MAGAZINES > Copy Editing > Under 1 Million

No entries

MAGAZINES > Copy Editing > Over 1 Million

No entries

MAGAZINES > General Reporting > Over 1 Millio

*Worlds Apart

Nikole Hannah-Jones @nhannahjones

The New York Times Magazine  @NYTmag


MAGAZINES > General Reporting > Under 1 Million

(fyi: ** 2 winners)

*Black Teachers Matter

Kristina Rizga @kristinarizga

Mother Jones @motherjones

*What Happened to Sandra Bland?

Debbie Nathan @DebbieNathan2

The Nation Magazine

MAGAZINES > International > Over 1 Million

*The Grand Egyptian Museum: The Next Big THing

Allison Keyes @allisonradio

Smithsonian Magazine @smithsonian

MAGAZINES > International > Under 1 Million

*Bitter Sweets

Brian O’Keefe @brianbokeefe

Fortune @fortunemagazine

MAGAZINES > Investigative > Over 1 Million

* “The Prosecution of Thabo Sefolosha”

Scott Eden  @scotteden1


MAGAZINES > Investigative > Under 1 Million

* My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard

Shane Bauer @shane_bauer

Mother Jones @motherjones

MAGAZINES > Single Topic Series > Over 1 Million

* Coverage of National Museum of African American History and Culture

Allison Keyes @allisonradio

Smithsonian Magazine

MAGAZINES > Single Topic Series > Under 1 Million

* The Obama Years: 2008—2016

Gary Younge, Kai Wright, Joan Walsh @garyyounge  @kai_wright  @joanwalsh

The Nation Magazine @thenation

MAGAZINES > Specialty > Over 1 Million

* “Broken Route”

Shaun Assael & Jean-Jacques Taylor @shaunassael @JJT_Journalist

 ESPN @espn

MAGAZINES > Specialty > Under 1 Million

* What the War on Reproductive Rights Has to do With Poverty and Race

Renee Bracey Sherman, Tracy Loeffelholz  @RBraceySherman  @LoeffelholzDunn

 YES! Magazine @yesmagazine


MAGAZINES > Sports > Over 1 Million

* “Colin Kaepernick Is a Real American”

Tim Keown @TimKeownESPN


MAGAZINES > Sports > Under 1 Million

* Robby Anderson: Something to Prove

Chris Franklin @Campster

Coach & Player Magazine @coachandplayer


NEWSPAPER > Art & Design: Graphics > Over 150,000

*Inside the Museum

Aaron Steckelberg, Bonnie Berkowitz, Denise Lu  @asteckelberg  @bonnieberkowitz @DeniseDSLu

 The Washington Post @washingtonpost

NEWSPAPER > Art & Design: Page Design > Over 150,000

*Light and Reflection

Michael Johnson
The Washington Post @washingtonpost

NEWSPAPER > Art & Design: Page Design > Under 150,000

*Yes He Did

Karen Carter Richards @KarenCarterRic

Houston Forward Times @forwardtimes

NEWSPAPER > Business > Over 150,000

*Who is this Robert Smith?

Keith L. Alexander @keithlalexander

The Washington Post @washingtonpost

NEWSPAPER > Business > Under 150,000

* “I’m Always Optimistic”: U.S. Bank’s Greg Cunningham

Robin Washington @robinbirk

Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal @MSPBJnews

NEWSPAPER > Commentary > Over 150,000

*Stephen Henderson

Stephen Henderson @shendersonfreep

Detroit Free Press @freep

NEWSPAPER > Commentary > Under 150,000

*A collection of columns by Suzette Hackney

Suzette Hackney @suzyscribe

Indianapolis Star @indystar

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Series > Over 150,000

*Black History Untold: What I Wish I Knew

Sofiya Ballin, Michael Bryant @sofiyaballin

Philadelphia Media Network

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Single Story > Over 150,000

*Promised land? For Sudan family, Detroit is like another planet

John Carlisle @_johncarlisle

Detroit Free Press @freep

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Single Story > Under 150,000

*Daughters of the Revolution: How Queer Black Women Are Leading Chicago’s Black Lives Matter Movement

Derrick Clifton @DerrickClifton

The Chicago Reader @chicago_reader

NEWSPAPER > International > Over 150,000

*Sometimes when I’m alone with my baby, I think about killing him

Kevin Sieff @ksieff

The Washington Post @washingtonpost


NEWSPAPER > Investigative > Over 150,000

*Solitary – Way down in the hole

Andy Mannix @AndrewMannix

Star Tribune @startribune

NEWSPAPER > Investigative > Under 150,000

*Powder Keg: Low pay, low morale creating chaos inside and outside our prisons

Maya T. Prabhu @MayaTPrabhu

The Post and Courier @PostandCourier

NEWSPAPER > News: Series > Over 150,000

(fyi ** 2 winners)

*Our children: Searching for Solutions

Detroit Free Press Staff

Detroit Free Press @freep

*Shoot to Kill

Justin George @justingeorge

The Baltimore Sun @baltimoresun


NEWSPAPER > News: Single Story > Over 150,000

*Teen killers, now prison lifers— with a ray of hope

Amy S. Rosenberg  amysrosenberg

Philadelphia Media Network

NEWSPAPER > News: Single Story > Under 150,000

*Immigrant Influxes Test U.S. Schools

Corey Mitchell, Swikar Patel, Lesli Maxwell, Deanna Del Ciello @C_C_Mitchell  @swikarpatel @L_maxwell @ddelciello

Education Week @educationweek

NEWSPAPER > Special Project > Over 150,000

*Flint water resource guide

Detroit Free Press Staff

Detroit Free Press @freep

NEWSPAPER > Specialty > Over 150,000

*Medicaid Is Balm And Benefit For Victims Of Gun Violence

Sarah Varney, Diane Webber, Hilary Stout @sarahvarney @dwebbKHN @hastout

Kaiser Health News, The New York Times @KHNnews @NYT

NEWSPAPER > Specialty > Under 150,000

*Are We Ready to Talk About Mental Health Now?

Jeffrey Boney @realtalkjunkies

Houston Forward Times @forwardtimes

NEWSPAPER > Sports > Over 150,000

(Fyi ** 2 winners)

*For Kris Jenkins, Mother Knows Best

Mike Jensen @jensenoffcampus

Philadelphia Media Network

*Jets rookie Jordan Jenkins has mixed feelings about police

Kimberley A. Martin @KMart_BN

Newsday @newsday

NEWSPAPER > Sports > Under 150,000

*Oh, Say, America Why Can’t You See?

Jeffrey Boney @realtalkjunkies

Houston Forward Times @forwardtimes



PHOTOJOURNALISM > Photography: Multiple Images

*Flint water crisis: A visual essay

Ryan Garza @ryangarzafreep

Detroit Free Press @freep

PHOTOJOURNALISM > Photography: Single Image

* “The Truth According to Carmelo Anthony”

Peter Hapak

ESPN @epsn


* The Fight in Claressa Shields

Karen Frank @karenevafrank

ESPN @espn




RADIO > Commentary > Top 15 Markets

*Dear President: What You Need to Know About Race

Rebecca Carroll, Emily Botein @rebel19

WNYC New York Public Radio @wnyc


RADIO > Documentary > Top 15 Markets

*Separate and Unequal

Lester Graham @michiganwatch

Michigan Radio @michiganradio

RADIO > Documentary > Market 16 and Below

*Minnesota’s Graduation Gap

Bill Wareham, Brandt Williams, Laura Yuen @bwareham @brandtmpr @laura_yuen

MPR News @mprnews

RADIO > Feature > Market 16 and Below

*Homeless and alone, she struggles toward graduation

Laura Yuen, Laura McCallum @laura_yuen @MPRsLauraMc

MPR News @mprnews

RADIO > Feature > Network

*50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for Open Housing in Chicago

Cheryl Corley @nprcherylcorley

NPR @npr

RADIO > Feature > Top 15 Markets

(Fyi **2 winners)

*Gentrification: Feeling Like an Outsider in Your Own Neighborhood

Corinne Bobb-Semple, Veralyn Williams, Kaari Pitkin @veralynmedia @kaaripitkin


*One Block, Zero Shootings: How One Mom Is Building Community In Englewood

Natalie Moore, Andrew Gill @natalieymoore @andrewgill

WBEZ Chicago Public Media @WBEZ


RADIO > Investigative > Top 15 Markets

(fyi **2 winners)

*Police Data Cast Doubt on Stop-and-Frisk

Chip Mitchell @ChipMitchell1

WBEZ Chicago Public Media @WBEZ

*School Suspensions Continue In Spite Of Miami-Dade’s No-Suspension Policy

Rowan Moore Gerety @rowanmg



RADIO > News: Long Form > Network

*The Driving Life and Death of Philando Castile

Cheryl Corley @nprcherylcorley

NPR @npr

RADIO > News: Long Form > Top 15 Markets

*Brookline’s Liberal Reputation Reeling From Racism Charges Within Police Department

Phillip Martin @phillipWGBH
WGBH @wgbh

RADIO > News: Long Form > Market 16 and Below


Desare Frazier  @desarefrazier
Mississippi Public Broadcasting @MPBOnline

RADIO > News: Short Form > Network

*Prince Remembered

Julie Walker @jwalkreporter

The Associated Press @ap

RADIO > News: Short Form > Top 15 Markets

*Liberty City Children Protest For The Right To Play Outside Safely

Nadege Green @NadegeGreen

WLRN News @wlrn


RADIO > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Top 15 Markets

*The Sunshine Economy: Cops and Communities

Terence Shepherd @terenceshepherd



RADIO > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion >

*Counter Stories: Live from the Rondo neighborhood

Tom Weber, Jo Erickson, Julie Siple @webertom1 @JericksonJo @juliesiple_mpr

MPR News @MPRNews


RADIO > Sports > Network

*Black U.S. Olympians Won In Nazi Germany Only To Be Overlooked At Home

Hansi Lo Wang, Luis Clemens  @hansilowang @luisclemens


RADIO > Sports > Top 15 Markets

*Dribbling The Way From Haiti To A College Scholarship

Rowan Moore Gerety @rowanmg




TELEVISION > Documentary > Network

*Outside the Lines: Impact: The Life of Donnovan Hill

ESPN Outside the Lines

ESPN @espn

TELEVISION > Documentary > Top 15 Markets

*Freedoms Deferred: Jim Crow

James Byrne, Fran Murphy, Robin Hamilton, Bob Kanner @jamesewebb
Tribune Media @tribunemedia

TELEVISION > Documentary > Market 16 and Below

*Black and Blue

Clay Johnson, Jay Jennings, Shan Zhong, Gerald Owens


TELEVISION > Feature: Long Form > Network

*CBS Sunday Morning: A Dream Come True

Lee Cowan, Robbyn McFadden, David Bhagat, Rand Morrison

CBS News @CBSnews

TELEVISION > Feature: Long Form > Top 15 Markets

*Inequality in Chicago

Gaynor Hall, Pamela Grimes, Afua Owusu, Mike D’Angelo


TELEVISION > Feature: Long Form > Market 16 and Below

*Preemie goes to College

Claudine Ewing, Andy DeSantis, Luke Carter


TELEVISION > Feature: Short Form > Network

* “Football to Farming”

Kevin Tibbles, Kim Cornett, Roberto Bailey, Sam Singal, Brooke Fraser

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt @nbcnightlynews

TELEVISION > Feature: Short Form > Top 15 Markets

*A Family Affair

Adrienne Broaddus



TELEVISION > Feature: Short Form > Market 16 and Below

*Renaissance Man

Ama Arthur-Asmah


TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Long Form > Network

*CBS Sunday Morning: A Week in Black & White

Martha Teichner, Mark Hudspeth, Lauren Barnello, Chad Cardin, Rand Morrison CBS News @CBSsunday

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Long Form > Top 15 Markets

*WPIX-TV: “Armed Racism on the Showroom Floor & Questionable Police Investigation”

Jay Dow


TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Long Form > Market 16 and Below

*Hamlet, North Carolina 25 years later

Steven Crump


TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Short Form > Network

* “Georgetown: Confronting the Past”

Kristen Welker, Jackeline Pou, Ilyas Kirmani, Sam Singal

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt @nbcnightlynews

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Short Form > Top 15 Markets

*Natural Hair Tangle

Adrienne Broaddus


TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Short Form > Market 16 and

*Standing in the face of hate

Steven Crump


TELEVISION > International > Network

*Nightline: The Stolen Speak

Juju Chang, Katie Yu, Clark Bentson, Jenna Millman, Roxanna Sherwood



TELEVISION > International > Market 16 and Below

*Acid Attack Survivor Offers Others Hope

Kristen Swilley



TELEVISION > Investigative > Network

*Not Wanted

Anna Schecter, Cynthia McFadden, Hannah Rappleye, Tracy Connor, Rachel Maddow

NBC News @nbcnews

TELEVISION > Investigative > Top 15 Markets

*Driving While Black

Cherri Gregg

KYW TV @CBSphilly

TELEVISION > Investigative > Market 16 and Below

*Police Diversity: One Year Later

Brandi Cummings


TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Network

*5 Things You Can Do To Change Sh*t

TyKecia Hayes


TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Top 15 Markets

(fyi **2 winners)

*Basic Black: Celebrating a Prince, a Queen, and a General

Callie Crossley, Valerie Linson


*WPIX-TV: “No Place To Call Home – Jay Dow Goes 1 on 1 with NYC’s Homeless Services Commissioner”

Jay Dow


TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Market 16 and Below

(fyi **2winners)

*Awareness After Charleston: One Year Later

Meaghan Norman


*Black Nouveau:  Laura Johnson

Liddie Collins

Milwaukee PBS @MilwPBS


TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Program > Network

*This Week: Ambush in Dallas

The Staff of This Week


TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Program > Top 15 Markets

*Voices of Atlanta

Jeff Reid

WXIA Television @11AliveNews

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Program > Market 16 and Below

*Hope and Healing

Steven Crump


TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Segment > Network

*This Week: Ambush in Dallas

The Staff of This Week



TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Segment > Market 16 and Below

*Black Nouveau:  Milwaukee’s Black Panthers

Everett Marshburn

Milwaukee PBS @milwpbs


TELEVISION > Specialty > Network

*Breast Cancer and Young Black Women

Roland Martin

TV One Cable Network @TVONETV

TELEVISION > Specialty > Top 15 Markets

*Sandbranch: The Forgotten Community

Demond Fernandez

WFAA-TV @wfaachannel8


TELEVISION > Sports > Network

*ESPN Features: SportsCenter – Mother of Hampton Lacrosse

ESPN Features Staff



TELEVISION > Sports > Top 15 Market

*Breaking Barriers:The Greatest Game Never Played

Chandi Lowry


TELEVISION > Sports > Market 16 and Below

* “The Black 14”

TaRhonda Thomas



TELEVISION > Spot News > Network

*World News Tonight with David Muir: Dylann Roof On Trial

Steve Osunsami, Brandon Baur, Margaret Dawson, Almin Karamehmedovic


TELEVISION > Spot News > Top 15 Markets

*Black Lives Matter

Jeff Reid

WXIA Television @11ALIVENEWS




NEWSPAPER – COLLEGIATE > Feature Reporting


Brianna Moné Williams

Syracuse University @SyracuseU


* “Chip Taylor to coach Hamline’s finest”

Gino Terrell

Pipers In-Depth (Hamline University) @HamlineU

ONLINE – COLLEGIATE > Best Use of Multimedia – Special Project

*In Poor Health: Why is Baltimore’s world-renowned health system struggling to keep Freddie Gray’s neighbors — some of the city’s poorest residents — from getting sick?

Sandra Banisky

Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland @merrillcollege @UofMaryland

ONLINE – COLLEGIATE > Online News Reporting

*Crime and Punishment

Alyssa Wisnieski

The Medill Justice Project @MedillJustice

ONLINE – COLLEGIATE > Online Sports Reporting

*Benji Michel leads charge as Pilots set sights towards NCAA Tournament

Benjamin Arthur

The Beacon @UPBeacon



* “Fear Chip Taylor and the Pipers D”

Gino Terrell

Pipers In-Depth (Hamline University) ) @HamlineU


RADIO – COLLEGIATE > Radio Feature Reporting

* Mental Health: Why Students of Color Suffer More

Taylor Epps

Syracuse University @syracuseu

RADIO – COLLEGIATE > Radio News Reporting

*Too Colored For Cancer

Cierra Smith

NCC News, Syracuse University @syracuseu


TELEVISION – COLLEGIATE > General TV News Reporting

*The End of An Era for President Obama

Cache McClay

Howard University

TELEVISION – COLLEGIATE > Television Feature Reporting

*Howard University: Home to Student Entrepreneurship

Danielle Solomon

Howard University @howardu

TELEVISION – COLLEGIATE > Television Sports Reporting

*Olympic hurdler seeks out Raleigh coach

Kendra Douglas

Spectrum News @UNC @WRAL

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