OFFICIAL CANDIDATE ROSTER for 2015-2017 NABJ-CC Board of Directors


Candidate for President

KATHY CHANEY || INCUMBENT                              

WBEZ Producer/Reporter

Platform: “I joined the board as Member-At-Large for the 2011-2013 term and then became President for the 2013-2015 term. Since then I’ve taken on the task of revving up the crusade of diversifying our local newsrooms. The chapter has sent letters to WGN Radio, WGN-TV and WBEZ, among others, about diversity issues in the newsrooms. The chapter has gained more active professional members and continues to add college students during their time off in the summer. I’ve also broaden our programming to include a Saturday sports journalism panel. The chapter also started a formal mentoring program with various universities throughout the state. I’m seeking another term as president to continue strengthening one of the strongest chapters in the nation.”


Candidate for Vice President/Broadcast

ART NORMAN || INCUMBENT                              

NBC5 Reporter

Platform: “We must continue to mentor and challenge the next generation of Black Journalists.”


Candidate for Vice President/Print

MAUDLYNE IHEJIRIKA || INCUMBENT                              

Sun-Times Reporter

Platform: “I am and have always been dedicated to the goals and mission of the National Association of Black Journalists Chicago Chapter, and have proudly served the organization for many years, first as a board member, then as Scholarships Chair, and currently as Vice President/Print and Scholarships Chair. I continue to seek to move the organization forward. Among my goals are increasing scholarship funds, along with the pool of qualified candidates for our annual scholarships.”


Candidate for Treasurer

VAL WEST || INCUMBENT                              


Candidate for Secretary


Known on- air as Randi Knight || Broadcasting Educator                  

Platform: “I have enjoyed a wonderful career working as a radio broadcast professional in Chicago for more than 15 years and plan to continue cultivating talent as I work with high school students who show a spark and are interested in broadcasting/journalism as a career and to mentor and help usher in a new generation of minority broadcast professionals, with their decisions pertaining to college and career programming, joining NABJ and its local chapters. In addition, as Secretary I will continue to work with members and Board members help manage communications for the Chicago chapter”.


Candidates for Board Member At-Large


Retired WGN-TV News Manager/Producer

Platform: “I continue to work for WGN on a freelance basis as a Consultant and Special Projects Producer. I would like to continue in my position as board member of NABJ-CC. As always, I will use my position to focus on diversity in our newsrooms. I will continue to urge our news directors, general managers, editors and administrators to become more transparent by joining our organization, supporting our efforts and participating in our monthly forums. I have mentored many of our top black journalists in and around Chicago, I would like to continue that task. I would also like to continue mentoring student journalist and entry level journalist, as well as new Black journalist to our city, because there still is a great need.”



Executive Director, Columbia Links, Columbia College      

Platform: “Having been a NABJ Chicago president, I want to leverage my experience and expertise to make this organization, recognized as Chapter of the Year in 2009, even stronger. I have served in many capacities, including program committee co-chair, and helped restore the organization to its solid affiliate status. My goal is to keep the organization adaptable and focused on the mission ahead and to introduce new voices who will carry the vision forward. Our industry is weathering major shifts but one thing remains constant: Journalism and the need for reliable and credible news sources delivered to a discerning consumer. I would like to see our organization help those consumers be smarter and better critical thinkers. NABJ Chicago must continue to engage these communities of consumers.”



Cartoonist, Creative License Studio

Platform: “I am an advocate for the use of cartoons and comic art to educate as well as communicate complex social & political ideas with humor when needed along with striking graphic visuals (as well as photos).”



Free-lance Writer, Lynn Norment Media || NABJ Hall of Fame Honoree        

Platform: “I am dedicated to continuing to help NABJ Chicago serve our members and be a vital part of the NABJ community. NABJ National has honored us as Chapter of the Year, and Chicago has long been lauded as a strong, forward-thinking organization that gets things done. I am committed to helping NABJ Chicago continue that legacy. As co-chair of the NABJ Chicago Program Committee, I have worked diligently to make sure we have enlightening forum and other programs to keep our members informed and motivated during this ongoing difficult time for our industry. I seek to retain my position on the NABJ Chicago board, and I am committed to continuing to work hard to keep our members connected.”



WBEZ, Radio Talk Show Host/Producer

Platform: “Will continue to assist the efforts of NABJ/Chicago to solidify the presence of black journalists in the Chicago media market and to provide a supportive environment for young aspiring journalists of color.”



CBS2 Reporter

Platform: I am a 30 year veteran of the newsroom, a former national board member, a long-time local member and a proud mentor of aspiring journalists.

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