Thanks, NABJ-Chicago Chapter, for electing me your new president.

But what this means is I will look to you and am ready to entertain your contributions and collaboration, time and talent, suggestions and support!

#Chicago’s home to one of the most vibrant chapters of the 42-year-old (NABJ) National Association of Black Journalists!

The nation’s largest organization of journalists of color, NABJ’s 3,300-member strong journalists, media professionals and students remain committed to:

*Sensitizing media to the importance of fairness and diversity in newsrooms; *Working with colleges and high schools to identify and encourage black students to become journalists; *Expanding job opportunities and recruiting for journalists of color, as well as professional development and training and diversity in newsroom management; *Fostering an exemplary group of professionals who honor excellence and achievement among our own, while promoting balanced coverage of the black community and society at large.

As president of one of its largest chapters, I know our work is just beginning.
But I know that together, we can move mountains! I know I can count on our dedicated and highly skilled membership — that includes YOU! Seek me out for partnerships with the potential to propel our goals.

Seek me out for leads on contributions to our 501(c)3 #Scholarships Foundation!

Visit our Scholarships section on this site to see our latest giving, the amazing college scholarship recipients that have become forever part of our #NABJCC family, and to see where your membership dues and other contributions go.

Check this website regularly to stay abreast of news, events and other goings on, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, and on Twitter @NABJCC.

Finally, remember that new responsibility involves adjustment. So I seek also your patience.
See you at the next meeting, generally the third Thursday of every month!

Maudlyne Ihejirika