National Association of Black Journalists-Chicago Chapter

Your Voice, Your Vote:

NABJ-CC members will be able to vote electronically for candidates running for the 2023-2025/2026 Board positions.  You must register in advance to vote virtually next month.  Only full members will be allowed to vote. If you are not a full member in good standing you may become a full member in good standing by starting and/or renewing your membership by clicking here.  The electronic voting period is May 1 – May 15.


The registration deadline is Friday, April 28th


Board of Directors / Position Requirements


  • Candidates must be a Full Member in good standing with NABJ-CC and the National Association of Black Journalists.


  • Only Full Members of NABJ-CC are eligible to vote.


  • The term of office for each Director position is two years May 2021-May 2023.


Officer Position Descriptions


  • President — The President shall preside over all Board meetings of NABJ-CC and function as its principal executive officer.  The President shall ensure that all resolutions, orders and contracts authorized by the Board of Directors are executed. The President is an ex officio member of every committee.


  • Treasurer — Serves as the principal financial officer and shall be bonded.


  • Secretary — Oversees meeting minutes and all formal outgoing communications of the Chapter. Works collaboratively with Vice President of Archives for record preservation.


  • Vice President/Broadcast — Shall oversee and be the President’s liaison for Media Advocacy Committee.  Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VPs in the President’s absence.


  • Vice President/Print — Shall oversee and be the President’s liaison for Mentorship/Community Service Committee.  Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VP in the President’s absence.


  • Vice President/Digital — Shall oversee and be president’s liaison for the Membership/Communications Committee. Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VP in the President’s absence.


  • Vice President/Archives — Shall oversee the photo, video and audio collection and preservation of Association forums, interviews, workshops and other activities. The Vice President of Archives shall work collaboratively with the Secretary in pursuit of comprehensive records preservation. Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VP in the President’s absence.


  • At-Large Board Positions (9 maximum)  — Assumes duties as assigned.



NABJ Chicago Chapter Candidate Table

NABJ-CC CANDIDATES 2023-2025/2026  (UPDATE 4/8/23)






BRANDON POPE– I’m proud to run for a second term as president of your NABJ-Chicago Chapter. Under my leadership, we brokered game changing partnerships (the Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, Audacy, and more) to empower the next generation of journalists. We raised a chapter record $27,000 for student scholarships and programming. And we overhauled and updated our membership systems and record keeping, while boosting and diversifying our membership recruitment. It’s part of why we’re the reigning “Professional Chapter of The Year.” However, our work is not complete. We have the potential to make so much impact locally and across the Midwest. I’m committed to helping continue our landmark momentum. And I can’t do it without you.






PHILLIP THOMPSON– Credibility. “Print” is not so much about form anymore as function: to give in-depth and accurate depictions of our community – whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly, online or on paper. It’s why even other media still turn to print for the definitive word. But credibility can’t be achieved without support. Journalists need security, resources and agency. Here is my platform to help achieve it: J-Harmony: New-age matchmaking for mentors and proteges. Mentorship should be as fun as it is informative. Newsmakers Summit: Getting a “print” job has never been more daunting. In this forum, newsroom executives share the resume requirements of the future. Census: We need an accounting of print journalists in Chicago and a survey of what they need.



TONY SMITH– My first-time working with NABJ-Chicago inspired me to be all I can be as a journalist. The inspiration I derived from NABJ-Chicago Chapter back then now compels me to serve the organization as the Treasurer. I will use my budgetary development experience from my previously position as a senior producer at the Black News Channel. If elected, I’ll be a good steward of the finances and resources. I will provide transparency and clarity to our membership and use my reporter, meteorology and producing background to be financially productive.






JOSH MCGHEE – I am an investigative reporter with more than a decade of experience reporting in Chicago on various beats. I’ve served as secretary of the Chicago Chapter for two years including last year when we were named Chapter of the Year. In my next term, I will continue to expand our use of technology and help our members leap into investigative reporting.



ANGEL IDOWU– I am running for VP of Digital to continue the work I started as VP of Archives. I believe myself to be the best person to take on this new position, as I started our monthly newsletter that keeps members up to date on all NABJ happenings while in this role. I believe an extension of this work through social media can only elevate the newsletter, and would like to use this next term to create a true marriage between the two. I’d like to incorporate more interaction with members on our social media through engaging platforms like Tik Tok. Whether it be members participating in viral dances or offering tips to their peers, my work with NABJCC will always be rooted in making our organization an inviting and safe space for all Chicago journalists, but most importantly our youth.




Board Member At-Large



SAMANTHA CHATMAN – As a former student VP of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Illinois, I have the skills and know what it takes to help lead NABJ members and collaborate with board leaders to sustain and strengthen the chapter. I’m from Chicago and will leverage my connections to help bring in members, particularly younger prospects who can grow in the organization. I look forward to assisting the president and working alongside them to help the chapter continue to thrive.



KATHY CHANEY  I’d like to continue my service on the board by providing leadership mentoring, community service and advocacy on behalf of Black journalists in the state. I’m a longtime member of the board, including two terms as president.


EVAN MOORE – Due to my strong history of collaboration, I believe my skill set is best suited for the role of NABJ-CC at-large board member.  My journalism organization experience includes membership with SPJ’s Headline Club (former board member), Society of Features Journalism, along with being a member of the Sun-Times’ awards and culture committees. Mentorship, accessibility, and curating existing and future partnerships will be the hallmark of my platform if elected.


SYLVIA SNOWDEN – I think it’s profoundly important to have Black faces in as many story-telling spaces as possible. And if we’re not willing to lend our voices to such a cause, then real, sustainable change won’t be made. During my first term on the National Association of Black Journalists—Chicago Chapter Executive Board, I’ve dedicated myself to seeing to it that that happens. As the executive committee’s advocacy chair, I successfully spearheaded an effort to secure 10,000.00 in scholarship funds to help cultivate the next generation of Black journalists. I’ve worked with the rest of the executive committee to develop a system where Black journalists can safely and confidently report any workplace concerns and I’ve taken large corporations to task to ensure that Black journalists have safer, equitable, and more welcoming spaces to work. And if you’d be willing to vote for me to serve a second term on the National Association of Black Journalists -Chicago Chapter Executive Board, then I’m willing to guarantee that we’re just getting started



GRACE ASIEGBU – I plan to capitalize on my proximity to early-career and student reporters to help build the chapter’s general membership and connections with NABJ student chapters and Chicago students taking a media class. I am passionate and full of ideas to help keep NABJ Chicago’s momentum going, maximizing our chapter-of-the-year status.


POINESHA BARNES – During my tenure as NABJCC’s Events Chair and At-Large Board Member, I have accompanied the President of NABJCC in planning and hosting multiple successful fundraising and educational events. Appointed to the position in 2021, I was able to plan and execute the most successful, Red Hot Holiday Party in the history of NABJ Chicago Chapter among other events. I would argue the Events Committee is one of the most active committees in the chapter. As Events Chair, I will continue to work toward gaining more community and corporate partners, as well as launching new initiatives to engage students and community members for events that further our mission of uplifting Black journalists.


LEE EDWARDS – As the current vice president of digital for NABJ Chicago-Chapter I am proud of the overall growth and success the chapter has enjoyed across our social media platforms. Now, I would like to continue serving the chapter as a board member by assisting with social media management, event planning, mentoring, and marketing among other assignments. There are still so many ways we can extend life changing opportunities to our members and prospective members and I would like to be a part of that for years to come. Thank you for your time and consideration.



DOROTHY TUCKER – Tucker is President of the National Association of Black Journalists and a long-time board member of NABJ-Chicago who will continue to be a tireless advocate for Black journalists .