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NABJCC Voter Registration Deadline: April 16, 2021


March 14, 2021 — Updated

February 8, 2021– Original


RE: NABJ-CC Electronic Voting 2021 – New Process
Full Members must register by April 16 to vote in the May 2021 election

Dear NABJ-Chicago Chapter Member:

The National Association of Black Journalist-Chicago Chapter (NABJ-CC) is pleased to inform you that candidate nominations are now open for the 2021-2023 term of the NABJ-CC Board of Directors. Provided herewith is a Nomination Form, a Candidate Information Form and information concerning the nominating process, election procedures and the overall schedule. You may nominate yourself or forward the Candidate Information Form to the Full Member you nominate. The completed Candidate Information Form must be submitted by March 22, 2021, along with the candidate’s platform statement of no more than 125 words. The nomination materials must be submitted electronicallyYou will receive a confirmation of your application after submission. Should you have any questions, the nominations committee can be reached at elections@nabjchicago.org.

Only Full Members of both NABJ-CC and NABJ are eligible to serve on the Chapter’s Board of Directors. The names and position statements of eligible candidates will be posted on the NABJ-CC website (nabjchicago.org) in the weeks prior to the election.  An email notice will be sent to you at the time of the posting. Voting concludes on May 20, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CST. The election results will be announced at the NABJ-CC Annual Meeting on May 20, 2021. Due to the pandemic, at this point we are planning that the Annual Meeting will be virtual. The ballots, with the names of all eligible candidates, will be available to membership online for electronic voting.

Proposed amendments may be offered and considered as part of the election process.  Proposed amendment to the Chapter Bylaws and Constitution must be submitted electronically to the Parliamentarian at elections@nabjchicago.org by March 22, 2021.  Accepted proposed amendments also will be voted on by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Voter registration begins Monday, February 8, 2021.

Your electronic vote must be cast by Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Nomination and election related inquiries should be directed to the Nominating Committee at: elections@nabjchicago.org.

Thank you for your participation.  Your involvement keeps NABJ-CC strong!


NABJ-CC Nominating Committee



NABJ-CC 2021 Nominations
Proposed Schedule of Activities:


February 8

  • Election kick-off announcement posted online 
  • Full Member voter registration begins

February 18:

  • Election announcement at general membership meeting 

March 22:

  • Nomination application with electronic Candidate Statement must be received by NABJ-CC Nominating Committee. Submit statement via email to elections@nabjchicago.org.  Proposed amendments to Bylaws or Rules must be received by NABJ-CC Nominating Committee.  Submit proposed text via email to elections@nabjchicago.org .

March 23-31:

  • NABJ-CC Nominating Committee review/verification of nominations and proposed amendments vetted.

April 1:

  • NABJ-CC Nominating Committee submits Report to Board of Directors

April 10:

  • Candidate Names and Statements Posted on NABJ-CC Website, along with proposed amendments, if any.

April 16:

  • Full Member voter registration closes

May 1 – 20:

  • Electronic voting begins with notification to membership. Voting concludes on May 20, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

May 20:

  • Annual Meeting. Election results will be announced during the Annual Meeting, planned as Zoom meeting.


Board of Directors / Position Requirements


  • Candidates must be a Full Member in good standing with NABJ-CC and the National Association of Black Journalists.


  • Only Full Members of NABJ-CC are eligible to vote.


  • The term of office for each Director position is two years May 2021-May 2023.


Officer Position Descriptions


  • President — The President shall preside over all Board meetings of NABJ-CC and function as its principal executive officer.  The President shall ensure that all resolutions, orders and contracts authorized by the Board of Directors are executed. The President is an ex officio member of every committee.


  • Treasurer — Serves as the principal financial officer and shall be bonded.


  • Secretary — Oversees meeting minutes and all formal outgoing communications of the Chapter. Works collaboratively with Vice President of Archives for record preservation.


  • Vice President/Broadcast — Shall oversee and be the President’s liaison for Media Advocacy Committee.  Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VPs in the President’s absence.


  • Vice President/Print — Shall oversee and be the President’s liaison for Mentorship/Community Service Committee.  Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VP in the President’s absence.


  • Vice President/Digital — Shall oversee and be president’s liaison for the Membership/Communications Committee. Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VP in the President’s absence.


  • Vice President/Archives — Shall oversee the photo, video and audio collection and preservation of Association forums, interviews, workshops and other activities. The Vice President of Archives shall work collaboratively with the Secretary in pursuit of comprehensive records preservation. Assists the President in the discharge of duties, as assigned by the President, and presides, concurrently, with the other VP in the President’s absence.


  • At-Large Board Positions (9 maximum)  — Assumes duties as assigned.



NABJ Chicago Chapter Candidate Table


Brandon Pope – Anchor/Reporter — WCIU/CW26 Chicago

PLATFORM STATEMENT: I’ve been active locally and nationally with NABJ for more than a decade, currently serving as Co-Chair of the Broadcast Taskforce and VP-Broadcast of your local chapter. I’ve assisted nationally and locally with the Black Male Media Project, helped plan regional conferences in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, and engage with members locally and nationally on various platforms, including Clubhouse. I’m strong on advocacy, often working with the national board on Chicago newsroom issues. As chair of membership, I’ve helped bring younger journalists into the fold. It’s a pivotal time for NABJ-Chicago. We’ve made great progress as a chapter over the years, but we’re falling behind others. Now, I’m running to help take it to the next level by making NABJCC welcoming for all.


Vice President/ Broadcast

Tahman Bradley – Journalist/Anchor and Political – Reporter — WGN-TV Channel 9

PLATFORM STATEMENT: A WGN Anchor/Political Reporter, I am a Howard University grad and lifelong NABJ member ready to step up and serve. An extensive background in breaking news includes covering the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and crisis in Ferguson. Having covered everything from tornadoes and hurricanes to political conventions and presidential inaugurations, I currently anchor the WGN Evening News, WGN News at Nine, and WGN News at Ten on Saturdays and Sundays. Previously, as an ABC News correspondent in D.C., I helped pioneer “digital journalism” there, creating/anchoring a weekly news show on ABCnews.com, and covering many major national stories of that period. Having served wherever NABJCC needed me over the years, I now seek to contribute time and talent to an organization I love.


Vice President/Print

Evan F. Moore – Reporter – Chicago Sun-Times

PLATFORM STATEMENT: The year 2020 taught us all to move differently in spaces we care about immensely — and NABJ Chicago is no exception. My skill set as an entertainment and culture reporter, mentor, adjunct professor and avid social media user is a great fit for the role of chapter Vice President-Print. In addition to NABJ, local and national, I’m a member of the Society of Features Journalism and a former board member of the Headline Club. I’m also a member of the Chicago Sun-Times’ awards and culture committees. I can bring best practices learned from each to NABJ-CC. Mentorship, accessibility, cultivating existing and future partnerships and creating a high school journalism training program will be the hallmarks of my platform, if elected.

Phillip Thompson – Sports reporter/columnist — Chicago Tribune

PLATFORM STATEMENT: The last year has seen a lot of upheaval because of economic forces reshaping newsrooms. Between job changes and major news from protests to the pandemic, we haven’t taken a step back and assessed how much the landscape has changed. With that in mind, here are some projects I’ll seek to implement if elected. Member survey: It’s time to paint a picture who we are, where we are and what we need to further our careers. Media blog: We need to spread the word about members, old and new, and the issues they’re covering. Resurrecting outreach: The pandemic strained school and community programs. It’s time to partner again to further journalism education and access to media.

Vice President/ Archives

Angel Idowu – Journalist/Arts Correspondent — WTTW-TV

PLATFORM STATEMENT: I am Arts Correspondent for WTTW-TV’s “Chicago Tonight,” “Black Voices,” and “Latino Voices” news shows. After settling into this ideal job, a role allowing me to bring attention to the diverse Chicago communities I grew up in, where my creative interests were fostered, I’d like to help other young journalists find their way in this ever-evolving industry. With a Master’s from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, beyond my work covering the arts, I am also a developing screenwriter, and run my own production company. Previously, I was an evening producer and weekend reporter for CBS affiliate WJTV12 in Jackson, MS. The nurturing of community, and great mentoring, ultimately led me to this point in my journalism career, and I am ready to give back.


Vice President/Digital

Lee Edwards – Managing Program Coordinator — Free Spirit Media

PLATFORM STATEMENT: I am running for a second term as vice president of digital because I want to continue leveraging NABJ Chicago’s digital/social media presence to uplift all Black journalists in the Chicagoland area and beyond.


Val West – FOX-TV (Retired)

PLATFORM STATEMENT: I humbly ask for your vote and pledge to work hard every day. I will bring my experience to get the job done with full accountability and transparency. Thank you for your consideration.

Board Member At-Large

Brenda Butler – Editor/Educator, Communications/Media – Chicago Tribune, Columbia College (Retired)

PLATFORM STATEMENT: Why am I running for Board Member at Large? I have served three terms as NABJ Chicago president. I want to continue leveraging my experience and expertise to make this organization (Chapter of the Year in 2009 and in 2018, both team efforts) even stronger. I have served on many committees, the latest events chair. Let’s keep NABJ Chicago focused on its mission of scholarships, advocacy, training, newsroom diversity. What can NABJ Chicago do for you? Listen, hear you, address that question and adapt. Plus: The need for reliable, credible news sources—digital, print, broadcast, podcast and/or other virtual formats or forums—delivered to a discerning consumer is more important than ever. NABJ Chicago can help those consumers, members and communities become smarter critical thinkers.


Kathy Chaney – Executive Producer, Daily News and Midwest Hub — YR Media

PLATFORM STATEMENT: As a former two-term chapter president I have institutional knowledge of the organization and how to best ensure it remains on solid foundation while helping energize its growing base of millennial and Generation Z members. They’re the future of our chapters. I’m also a member of about 20 chapters nationwide. I can bring non-traditional fundraising ideas to the table, including coordinating an NABJ-CC store; revive the chapter’s annual awards ceremony; help with a high school development program; help create a leadership pipeline within the chapter and for those looking to serve on a national level; and revive our relationship with student chapters in Illinois. The students are future leaders of the organization, locally and nationally, and should also be members of the professional chapter.

Cheryl Corley – Correspondent —National Public Radio (NPR)

PLATFORM STATEMENT: I am a national/criminal justice correspondent for NPR and have proudly served on the NABJ-CC Board—helping to facilitate events recognizing the accomplishments of Black journalists (e.g. hosting our forum and book conversation about the U.S. Civil Rights Trail with author Deborah Douglas, interviewing pioneering Black newspaper photographers, and getting Black mayoral press secretaries to share their knowledge). I am running for the Board to continue our organization’s work of advocating for and promoting the work of Black journalists and encouraging and mentoring others who will help NABJ-Chicago thrive. Part that work will include conducting a census of Black journalists in a media landscape that’s been so affected by COVID-19 and helping set the structures for Board Development to help keep our organization strong.

Colin Evans – Executive Producer — ABC 7 Chicago

PLATFORM STATEMENT: The work of the Chicago chapter of NABJ to connect, educate and develop Black journalists is much needed and appreciated. I would like to bring my skills and knowledge as a news manager to the board to enhance the efforts of this local chapter. As an executive producer, I provide a fresh perspective in my newsroom. I would bring the same drive to NABJ-Chicago as a board member at large. I started my career as an Emma L. Bowen intern in Chicago, so I understand the challenges that come from rising through the ranks in a dominate market. I hope to encourage more diversity in media management by sharing my experience, and by being accessible as a board member at large. Thanks for your consideration.

Tony Smith – Black News Channel

PLATFORM STATEMENT: My first-time working with the NABJ-Chicago Chapter inspired me to be all I can be as a journalist. The inspiration I derived from NABJ-Chicago Chapter back then now compels me to continue to serve the organization as an At-Large Board member. I want to continue to advocate for black journalists on both sides of the camera, as well as those working online and in print. Let’s work together for a stronger and more relevant NABJ-Chicago Chapter. It is time our voices are really heard and people say what they mean and do what they say.

Sylvia Snowden – Journalist/Talk Show Host —Chicago Access Network Television

PLATFORM STATEMENT: As a longtime NABJ member devoted to community journalism, I currently host CAN TV Ch. 42’s “Political Forum” talk show; am creator/host of CAN TV’s “Unbossed” series exploring women’s contributions to Chicago politics; and have served as station editorial director and non-profit services coordinator. An avid freelancer/blogger, my work has appeared in Ebony.com, Jet.com, Huffington Post, BlogHer, MTV, Chicago Now, etc. Earning my Journalism degree from University of Missouri, past work includes production coordinator for the Oprah Winfrey Show, and intern for WVON-AM’s Roland Martin Show.

Awards include an Illinois Legislature commendation for my work connecting Chicagoans to vital services through media; Alumni Journalist of the Year from my AKA Sorority; and a 2019 “Most Distinguished Women of Illinois” recognition by Orrington Institute.

Dorothy Tucker – Investigative — WBBM-TV

PLATFORM STATEMENT: My commitment and dedication to NABJ Chicago goes back decades. I love the Chicago family and want to continue serving members and inspiring young journalists.


Carrie Walker – Assignment Editor – NBC Chicago

PLATFORM STATEMENT: As an assignment editor for over 24 years in Chicago, I’ve had my hand on the pulse of what’s happening in this great city. As a board member, I plan to bring my professional and personal knowledge of the city to help create learning opportunities for local journalists no matter their level of experience. Opportunities can include guest speakers, workshops, resources to help enhance/advance careers.



Proposed amendments to the NABJ-CC Constitution and Bylaws

Below is the sum and substance of the proposed amendments that membership is voting on in this election. The full Constitution and Bylaws with the markup of proposed amendments is posted online at nabjchicago.org for your review.

Proposed Administrative Amendment Block

The NABJ-CC Nominations & Bylaws Committee recommends adoption of the block of proposed administrative amendments:

Question #1

Shall the proposed amendment block be approved for adoption?

Article I, Sec. 2 (a) — Requires that the NABJ-CC logo shall only be altered with Board approval

Article II, Sec. 2 –Deletes “of” Article III – and in subsequent references changes committee name from Nominating & Bylaws to Constitution & Bylaws,

Article IV, Sec. 3 — Formally clarifies that the Scholarship Committee and the Program, Events & Fundraising Committee report directly to the President

Article IX; Article XIV and comprehensively throughout document — updates provisions to include electronic voting

Article XI; Article XIV and comprehensively throughout document — updates provisions to include virtual meetings

Article XII, Section 1 — Formalizes guidance for standing Social Media Committee

Article XIII – Clarifies Board member provision guiding absence from meetings

Substantive Proposed Amendments

The NABJ-CC Nominations & Bylaws Committee recommends adoption of the following individual proposed amendments:

Question #2

Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?

Article IV, Sec. 6 – Strengthens qualifications for Treasurer and guidance for the procedures the Treasurer follows.

Question #3

Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?

Article VI, Sec. 4– Changes election schedule to annual calendar instead of two-year cycle. Board to establish rules to guide transition term.

Question #4

Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?

Article VIII, Sec. 4 – Adds high school students to student category.

Question #5

Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?

Article VIII, Sec. 5 – Expands General Members participation to include service as committee members.

Question #6

Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?

Article XII, Section 1 — Establishes standing Finance Committee and guidance.

To view a summary of proposed amendments to the Bylaws and the Bylaws markup of proposed amendments click on the link below: